Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm not really sure if I properly understood what this article is about but I will write based on my understanding of it:

While reading this piece the first thing I thought of was a tv speacial I saw on the rap group formally known as N.W.A.

Although I do not agree with must if the group's antics I do however think they are a very inspirational group. They were the epitome of rebels. The article talked about the power the administers had and repercussions that followed disobedience. This group did not give a damn about repercussions. The had something to say and they wanted to say it no matter who liked it. They did believe in shutting up because they were told to. The group's 'Straight its compton' record was so controversial fit that exact reason. The story behind the song was a story that some believed should not have been told. That only fueled the fire.

This article is interesting because it further proves that there is no such thing as freedom of speech in the media.

The limitations on what is displayed in music helps to keep the "elite" in power. It prevents new cultures and behaviors to form which ultimately take away their power. This elite has a say in what's acceptable and what's not.

Let's take the N.W.A for example.  In my opinion the group's message in "F*** the Police" was their done being discriminated against because of their race. The lyrics of the song is very explicted and the title demands attention. Attention that the elite will shun. Now anyone can reasonablly agrue the violence behind the lyrics. Now because of that the message is lost. This song basically is saying they refuse to continue to be controlled by anyone. Every stereotype is talked about. They called out cops for all ttheir wrong doing. They did not care if the cop was black or white.

The song was banned on radio stations across the world. The group had a story to tell and stopped at nothing to make sure of it. This group is the epitome of what the "elite's" does not agree with. N.W.A fights against power and does not care about what any one person has to say or think about it