Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Assignment 3: When will things change

"A Black Cinderella!  Give Me a Break." She wrote:  "Have you ever seen a black person, an Asian, a Hispanic in a cartoon!  Did they have a leading role or were they a servant?  What do you think this is doing to your child’s mind?" She  ended her piece:  "Women  who  aren’t  white begin to feel  left OUT  and  ugly  because  they  never get to play the princess. “Kenya’s piece bristled with anger at a society that rarely acknowledges the wit or beauty of women of her race.  And she wasn’t alone in her feelings.  Sabrina wrote, “I’m not taking my kids to see any Walt Disney movies until they have a black woman playing the leading role."
Ø  I hate this quote in sooooo many ways. I understand the point Sabrina is trying to make however the drastic levels she is taking to. It’s so dramatic and unnecessary.  I think it’s annoying to hear people speak out so harshly against issues like this because it only further promotes the issue at hand. Children are impressionable and they do pick up on messages that televisions and movies put out there but along with that they pick up in things said around them. This part unknowingly instilled an opinion against white. By not allowing her daughter to see Disney movies because they are white is just as bad as degrading black people. In situations like this I feel as though parents forget they are parents and wear the “I am black” hat. In situations like this I feel as though Sabrina should have a general positive conversation. People find it easier to bash races or place blame rather than taking a stand responsibly.
Ø  This is one of my biggest issues with BET. I love the fact that this channel was created. If done right BET (regardless of its name) could have been a channel that promoted integration along with black awareness. Awareness without integration does not stop the problem it only creates more reasons to remain more segregated. After a while screaming “I am here deal with it” has no effect. Okay, now that the word knows you are here what do you plan on doing with it? Are you going to continue to play the victim or are you going to say hey I understand the past of my race and limitations still present but what can I do positively to make sure it no longer happens? I feel as though this channel forgets that the number problem with slavery and segregation was the fact “colored” and “whites” were not treated equally. Only difference between now and then its black people are now contributing to it all.

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  1. I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one who found the article problematic. I completely agree with your statement about parents not letting their kids see something because *insert race here* is prominent. It's racism no matter how you paint the picture.