Friday, May 6, 2011


To be truthful i could not sit thru this movie in its entirity. I do not like the whole vampire love stories. however, from what i have seen this movie does portray a lot of the dominant themes often presented with teenagers. For example Bella seems to have a disconnected relationship with her dad. The first scene opens up with Bella's dad talking to her and Bella's face portray a blank and absent look as if she was not connecting with whats cming out her mouth.

 Even the relationship between Edward and Bella continues to partray dominant ideologies of teenagers. In most teenage movies we see the girl conform to life of her byfriend to fit into his world. Thats beyond true here. Its sick to think about Bella wanting to apart of the vampire world just for love. Bella's character by definition is what the author of "Being a Good girl can be bad"  is talking about.

To build on Dierdre's post:

In her post Diedre talks about the changes in Bella's personality after meeting Edward. Its sad to say that that transition is expected of females in relationship.Relationships in modern days are like relationships of the old days. Fathers use to pay bridal fees like its a burden to marry her. Now its like women pay with their state of being.

Deidre's outlook is awesome and sad to say the least. Edward does have an unnatural control over Bella. Edwards abusive tendency incomparison to real abuser is that Eward in my eyes its not possesion thing. I think Edwards feelings towards Bella are completely genuine and is why he fights so hard to keep her safe.

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