Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hip-Hop sees no color

This article is very interesting. Save the Last Dance has been my favorite since the day it was released in theatre. It is obvious from the ethniticity of the cast that the movie was intended to show cultural differences however i never thought of in details as Ginner has in this article. I do believe that she overanalyzed the movie but she did make some very valid points. I have heard of the acronym SWCAMP in the past but would never had tied it into this movie. The fact that Ginner did further proves that this country is dominated by past ideologies and are cripple to move above and see a changing world. I am not aware of the author's sexual orientation, race, religion, etc. But from reading this article in my opinion she fully believes in meaning behind SWCAMP. It is easy to say that Sean Patrick Thomas' character, Derrick, identifies with the white race. Where in all actualilty Derrick symbolizes a shift into the direction that we want this country to go in. Why is that Derrick is considered to have "white" tendencies? Why is the abilitity to obtain an education and to speak properly considered white? Why is not just considered American? Just as easy as it was for the author to point out that the father of Chenille's son is a dead beat any viewer could have sid the same for Sara's dad. Sars's dad was absent in her life as well and if it was not for her mom's death there would still have been a lack of communication between the two.

In this article the authout chose to capitalize black and not capatalize whites. In the notes she says she capatilizes black because it is a political location. Im not clear on what that means. My more concern with the fact that she chose not to capitalize white to "disrupt the ralation of power". This right here for me is something thats I always thought about. The black community along with white supports has fought for equality for decades. However, in my own opinion I feel as though equality is far from being accomplish because instead of promoting unity and equaliy we have people (subconsciously and consciously) continously trying to give blacks an extra edge or push. By the author choosing not to capitalize white is an example of that. It further segrate the two. I understand yes black and white people are not on the same level but there comes a point where black people are treated as Americans and are held responsible for their actions and downfalls. I think of myself as West-Indian American. however, from just looking at me I am classed as African American and its sad for me to see things just handed to me because of my skin. No! I do not and will not except that. I was born and raised in AMerican like any other Caucasian American and will work my behind off and EARN everything I have and desire. It is my birth right to have every opportunity that a Caucasain have and I'll be dam if I blame anyone because I chose not to take advantage of it.

The message I received from this article is in order to do right by yourself you automatically conform to American norm of SCWAMP. American is a country that was original made to find a better life and be successful. Somewhere along the line Americans lost sight of this. Now that the country is moving back into that direction we have developed a new stereotype without dropping the old ones. This article suggests that Derrick is an expection to the rule instead of acknowledging that the rule is slowly dissipating. If it means I am a man and white because I am educated, success and live above the property line... Then tell me what is white tell me what is a male and how come Oprah and Ursula Burns do not fit does physically descriptions.

SCWAMP is an interesting theory. A theory that I believe is only made true if you allow it to. This country strieves on conformity and only you can choose to accept it.


  1. I, like you, have been a huge fan of this movie since it came out. I distinctly remember going to the theater multiple times to see it and watching it over and over on video. It is hard to see something picked apart and rearranged into something different. It is funny how we simply take the face value of this film.

  2. I used your blog for my extended comments