Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Talking Points #1 on Croteau

The power in this country ultimately goes to those who have a hand in the media. The culture within this country is not as traditional as other countries. Therefore it is able to collectively assemble a culture based on any number of cultures and independent views. Through that those of power such as politicians, celebrities, etc. have the greatest impact on the way we act and think.
Media plays a big hand in American society. I believe that the affect that media has on the individual is a cultural conformity.  On page 163, the author states, “the media give us pictures of social interaction and social institutions that, by their sheer repetition on a daily basis, can play important roles in shaping broad social definitions. In essence, the accumulation of media images suggests what is “normal” and what is “deviant.” I totally agree with this statement. As an individual born and raised in America to traditional West Indian parents, I see the difference between the cultures, American are easily able to alter their lives to fit the “norm” usually broadcast through the media. For those who are able to take the media for what it is just “media” and not conform they are cast out for being “different”.
My favorite part of the article is Sociologist Stuart Hall’s analyst of the media. The media is definitely a form of hegemon. It always will be as long as we have a nation where its majority is easily persuaded. I like his definition of representation and reflection. This makes sense because no one can truly reflect society they can only reflect their own view on the world. This adds to Hall’s definition of the media. The contributors of the media can only “re-present” a selection of the world which is jaded by that person’s own opinion.

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